The sacral chakra or Svadhistana Chakra is located three inches below the navel and is orange in colour. Resonating with the element of water it rules the large intestine, kidneys, bladder, urethra and in women the reproductive organs. This chakra governs our relationship with the world – with our families, friends and lovers, our communities and work colleagues and on a larger scale, the global community. The sacral chakra is the centre of sexual expression, creativity and emotion. On the spiritual path we acknowledge that there is within us a duality of masculine and feminine, regardless of our gender we have the qualities of both. The masculine being logic, organization and action in the outer world and the feminine being nurturing, spirituality and the inner world.

Development of the sacral chakra moves us towards a state of internal balance between these two principals allowing us to birth our inner visions and dreams into the world. When it is functioning harmoniously we are friendly, open and trusting, in touch with our feelings and able to express them. We are able to see the positive rather than the negative and turn problems into challenges. A balanced sacral chakra prompts the giving and receiving of sensual and sexual pleasure and uses intimacy as a form of communication, mutual comfort and nurturing. If this chakra is under active we may be hard on ourselves, feel guilty for no reason and be frigid or impotent. Or if it is over active we may find we are a fantasist, jealous, manipulative and addicted to sex. Crystals used to balance the sacral chakra are commonly, but not exclusively orange in colour. Orange calcite, carnelian, orange selenite, moonstone and ammonite are all inexpensive and commonly available.

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